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Getting married soon? Finding a venue where you can feel the love? Looking for a romantic place where you can really remember every moment of your wedding?

Whether you’re a bride or groom that’s looking for a good place where you can exchange vows, you might want to see what’s on our list. These stunning venues in Luzon will surely attract you.

Photo Credits to Pico Sands Hotel FB Page

1. Pico Sands Hotel

Pico Sands Hotel can be found in Nasugbu, Batangas. Pico Sands Hotel is a world-class hotel, and if you’re a nature lover, this place is like heaven to you because of its breathtaking view. It is already famous for its outdoor activity but it can also provide excellent service when it comes to romantic setups for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can choose whether it’s a beach, chapel or garden wedding if you consider Pico Sands Hotel as your wedding venue. 3 choices in 1 place? Sounds cool, right?

Photo Credits to Intramuros Plaza San Luis Complex

2. Casa Manila Patio

One of the famous venues for a wedding in Metro Manila is the circular courtyard known as Casa Manila Patio in Intramuros. You don’t have to put so many decorations for this place because the place is already romantic, just some flowers will be enough to make the venue extra beautiful. From the cobblestone floors to the centerpiece fountain, this affordable wedding venue is the perfect choice for those who'd like to hold the ceremony in the heart of Manila.

3. Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel is located in Batangas, this is the perfect place to get married if you want the sunset to witness your exchange of vows. You can have a resort, garden or lakefront wedding, and you can also have your honeymoon here because they have spacious rooms, villa, and cottages perfect for you know, making love.

Photo Credits to Club Balai Isabel FB Page

Photo Credits to Club Punta Fuego FB Page

4. Club Punta Fuego

Have your wedding ceremony in the middle of the grandiose infinity pool in Club Punta Fuego. There is also a chapel on the property if you would like to have an indoor ceremony. You can also have a yacht party if you want an intimate event with your guests.

5. Hill Creek Gardens

Hill Creek Gardens is a fantastic venue both for church or garden ceremonies. If you are too lazy in changing locations after the wedding, you may also have your reception on the property. You may have your honeymoon here, too, and enjoy the spa and other facilities to make the first days of being husband and wife unforgettable.

Photo Credits to Sonya's Garden FB Page

6. Sonya’s Garden

Sonya’s Garden is located in Alfonso, Cavite. If you want to have a garden wedding, this place is definitely perfect for you. You can find peace, love and enjoy the relaxing ambiance in this place.

These are just some venues you might want to consider on your wedding day. Preparing for this kind of event will give you a lot of stress, of course, we know that and we want you to be the most beautiful woman on your day. With the help of NATO Catering Services, we can help you organize your wedding.

Contact us now for more details, let us help you make the best wedding you'll ever experience.

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