The Digital Party

When you want to celebrate with the family, but can't go out and be with them, then you stream with them!

Presenting, the digital age of events. Having a party at home has never been this fun. Imagine having a professional host conduct games while everyone stays home and celebrate with you on your special occasion. Sounds fun? Well we have tried it and it works!

Zoom parties or any streaming app, are very useful nowadays. But if it's your party, you cant be hosting the stream and monitoring everyone at the same time. Where is the fun in that?

Russel just celebrated with Nato Catering in a zoom party. He was able to play games with his cousins located up north while he is at home here in Cavite. Of course the traditional blowing of candle and making a wish is the highlight, but dont forget the food! We have to make sure your guests will enjoy the same food as the host of the party!

Ordering a party packages guarantees you of the great experience less the hassle of preparations. We even have FREE 3 hours uncut and recorded video of your digital party! We just wont stop at giving you the same magical experience as we use to have before the Quarantine.

Order online. Party online. Have fun online. Save your memories and replay them qhen you can. All these and more from the Digital Party Packages of Nato Catering. Order here