How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party in Three Steps

Throwing and organizing parties have been a tradition for years now, whether be it a simple gathering or an elaborate get-together, we always have an excuse to plan a party. Some people are even taking it to the next level wherein they plan a surprise party! This kind of party has all the common denominator with a regular one except that the point of this party is to catch the celebrant off-guard—or surprised.

It might be stressful for the conspirator/s to plan and hide the party especially if they are friends of the surprisee, the conspirator/s might even find themselves under pressure of hiding a secret from them.

Let’s just say planning a surprise party is not as easy as it seems in the movies. Under the extended pressure and stress, you might think that you bit off more than you can chew, but worry not! This article is here to help you with a basic outline of organizing a surprise party—or any party for that matter.

Plan Ahead of Time

A party should be thought-out and well-planned, organizers should be aware of any problems that may arise and come up with a contingency plan for emergencies. Two months should be sufficient if you’re throwing a medium-sized party with 15-20 people; that time frame should cover the planning phase of talking to an events company to cater your menu, come up with a theme or motif, and iron out tiny details.

With this step, it’s crucial that you don’t let the surprisee know that you’re planning a party, especially when the time comes to invite everyone, from family members to best friends, it is important to not let anything slip.

Keep Everything Under The Wraps