Happily-Ever-After in classic Filipino fashion

Tying the knot is one of the most important occasions for Filipinos, even if we’re in foreign lands. We’re known for not holding back on celebrating nuptials. Fortunately for Filipinos getting wed abroad, catering in Canada now has a name that’s familiar with them – Nato Catering.

What’s in a typical Pinoy wedding reception that we just carry everywhere? Here are some points you can’t miss:

The creative, eye-catching style

Filipinos just cannot celebrate without a bang. When we party, we make sure every detail is dressed to kill, especially for weddings. We have inherited the grandeur of the West and their love for rich, dazzling décor, and the complexity of the East with our attention to detail and function.

Venues are set up in such a way that every visitor marvels at each corner of the place. Some like it minimalist; some prefer a grandiose approach akin to royal celebrations or their favorite celebrity’s wedding. From lighting to flooring, there’s no helping the Filipino hand in bringing a touch of splendor to whatever’s in a room. Even the walls can’t be just bare!

Memories to remember

Another thing Filipinos love in holding wedding parties are colorful activities. The program items may have evolved throughout the centuries, with certain traditions adapted to modern times. The Couple’s Arrival, the Bouquet Throw, and heartwarming speeches are just some everybody looks forward to.

The age of modern media also gave rise to presentations watched by attendees during the party. Filipinos have a knack for making adorable videos and slideshows that bring laughter and tears to the couple’s relatives and friends.

A feast like no other

Of course, Filipinos and their love for great food trumps the occasion. A Filipino wedding, even in a country such as Canada, can’t be complete without mouth-watering delicacies. For such a big occasion, we’ve foregone cooking on our own due to the amount of kitchen work it entails, and order food from reliable caterers such as Nato Catering.

Events such as weddings deserve the hearty servings of everyone’s favorites. At Nato’s Catering, we commit to bringing you and your guests the finest dishes to fill everyone’s belly. Our menu spans not just Filipino favorites like adobo and pancit, but classy Western-style dishes perfect for Canadian or non-Filipino guests. We have seafood, roasted pork variations, beef dishes, veggie selections for vegans, savory chicken items, soups, desserts, and more.

Booking packages is also hassle-free at Nato Catering. We have menu options to make your wedding feast as easy as ABCs. You can select via number of guests and other custom options.

For inquiries or orders, you may check out https://www.natocatering.com/ or inquire through our landline number (046) 440 3211. You can also reach us through mobile at 0950-056-4034.