Bilao Set by Nato Catering.

It looks that major events around the world that have been affected by the virus. So, here are some good news await you! Order now Bilao Set by Nato Catering. We invite you with the bundle of flavorful dishes perfectly made to be shared with your loved ones. This collection of foods can be mixed and matched, no matter what the mealtime. You will surely crave for more. You do not only get to enjoy the day with them, you also know there are always new and exciting food adventures waiting for you!

Of course, in this trying time, we must find meals that is "swak sa budget" good for 10-12 person, worry no more because the Bilao Set has the following deliciously, succulent set of foodies that gives a "good vibes" feels!

Take the chance to grab yours at Nato Catering! Available daily. To order book, email at Order now in advance to get this delectable meal you’ll surely yearn for!